Authoring with accessible web documents in mind.

Peter Krautzberger, Volker Sorge (MathJax)

Authoring with accessible web documents in mind.

icons for four types of impairments: motor, cognition, hearing, and vision.

The case for web documents.

Do one thing and do it well

It doesn't matter which as long as you do a good job with it.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Get from here to there

  1. Word => pandoc
  2. LaTeX => pandoc, latexml (also: tex4ht, plastex, tralics)
  3. Markdown => dozens, e.g., pandoc, Writage (MS Word plugin)

Getting started with Pandoc

Getting started with latexml

Jump in: latexml doc.tex | latexmlpost --dest=doc.html

Getting started with Markdown

# I'm a top-level heading
I'm a paragraph followed by a list.
* item 1
* item 2
![alt text](link/to/image)

Checking results

  1. Learn to use a screenreader (NVDA, VoiceOver, Orca)
  2. Learn automated tools (tota11y, aXe, ChromeLens) and their limitations.